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Adjectives end in -a. In many cases, a noun can be "adjectivified" and vice versa by swapping the ending.

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Adverbs end in -e, and usually follow the verbs they act on. Basic pronouns:.

The thing after "to be" is referring to the same object as the subject, so it's not accusative. Mary McManus left and Jean ford right in a happy time.

She was a loving caregiver to her birds Chris ttiel Bullwinkle, and also to her mother and brother and her dear friends. Adjective s applying to the direct object must also have an -n applied. She was an advisor on Tiel Chat and shared her compassion and kindness with all who visited there.

Plurals are formed by adding -j to the end. In many cases, a noun can be "adjectivified" and vice versa by swapping the ending.

If a noun is plural, so is its adjective s. If plural, the -n goes after the -j so "pomojn" is "apples" as a direct object.

She is greatly missed by all, but in particular, her dear friend Jean Ford, who is the inspiration for this chatt. Adjectives end in -a. Direct objects accusative, what is acted upon end in -n.

The prefix "mal-" can be applied to basically anything noun, adjective, verb, etc to turn it into the opposite meaning.