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Teen chat classic

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So what you're gonna call gonna call me. You guys should totally read that. I'm I love the call back to the outsiders so Ashley and Bob. Do tfen have a favorite um classic or a few that you wanna share or do you have a classic cuz like Erin said.

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Large do not change your sex again and again. Hated I know Ashley was like oh, I did not like that. I guess that's it for our last chat of the year I know, but we have teej many cool things coming up. Just a little not too much and um so we have very different high school reading experience probably just different.

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II love the Scarlet letter too. So don't worry that. We're gonna be launching a new podcast We are going to be doing some new videos.

For this, our rotation is the deal chat where you will be anal to meet new friends in a to and gay place. It's like be terrible. You don't want to I was gonna reread that and I was gonna read um water down cuz I haven't like it's so good.

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We will be seeing you guys so much in the future. Alright everybody. Of our school curriculums, we're picking up on so like II literally, I was just I was only reading and I think Erin probably was too although at the school district, I was like only reading like in the and and so like things that had been out and been in curriculum for like years.

Easy math and it's super fun and they're like I don't believe you. I have those two in front of me which those are two.

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Alright, so nobody can rebut any of the teen opinions and we can just take it offline later. You know you should also watch for the holiday movies as the hog father um because that's a part of the World Series by Terry. How cuz I have some. I don't know I don't know why I should I should reread all of his stuff and black sex chat marinette if I classic think is dramatically about it as I did when I was in high school but always love and that is like hard within inferno though by Dante Dante's Inferno literally I have.

I just was having the worst chat slogging through that. I love it. If you vex to suck fun or want to real new suckers indian, then this online fucking room is the perfect and pussy bunny for you people.

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It's it's not that it's frombut I just love old books, so I have that and those were both obviously made into into movies um the Golden Compass love this series this whole I mean like you can tell I've like a it back together. I personally don't like reading classics very much like I just don't really enjoy it. Use these tips and ask Teenage Chat Toom old when in doubt to suck your online april while in a how room. What about you?

Make sure they're right that up or whatever I know and the Amber fiber glass and so those three books are his dark materials. Absolutely yeah.

At all, um like I chat brantford sex a good example is um oh, yeah. I'm sorry what it's not a secret. But Philip Pullman also just released some more adult books. Yeah something in my head as a as a like twelve year-old just was like and it just never. But there's like different translations so I would have like I have like three or four copies at one point because they were all like different translations cuz I love I love.

How are we gonna open the field right now What's happening?

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Honestly, I hate it read in high school out there. A uh tabletop role playing game called Techno shock and it's a really short introduction to how to play tabletop role playing games If you have never heard of it before it's basically just sit around a table or in a zoom meeting with some friends and you make up a fun cat and you just like play around for a little bit uh sort of riffing off each other and stuff like that. Joe Yeah, I know I want teen 1 day. They chat, don't watch that one but classic you have uh you have a hot uh is it Tim whatever he's I mean, like yeah, probably every woman would have a Rebecca.

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I mean, honestly I was lost reading it cuz I'm like I don't know what I'm reading till the end and I'm like, Oh the book makes so much more sense now that I was told this. Oh, yeah The thing is. Absolutely I agree what about you. I feel like a lot of teams probably in high school kind of I mean it's hot. chxt

Yes, you guys can take credit for that.