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How do murderers atone for their acts? Is there actually anything like atonement for an irreparable crime like murder? A film about time and finality, change and forgiveness. The annotations to the films in the Official Selection were written by the members of the selection committee and guest authors. Some original titles and names have been transcribed resp.

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The film was completed by Nerijus Milerius. German English.

The windows here are usually open, there is at most a guy in a plastic chair sitting in front of the door. Maximilian Merth.

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Isabelle Casez. A vivid, beautiful and hauntingly animated documentary by and about five women. Ghost in the Machine Leon Rizmaul This experimental documentary which addresses the materiality and technicality of images, takes a look at media history, exploring what happens with narratives slumbering in television archives.

A red light district in Belo Horizonte. Wolfgang Heinz.

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A sensitive and sensual groping for familiar fragility. There he hangs, Martin, beautiful, alluring, exciting. Places, objects and acts of religion, recorded on a flat surface. But we also see sex scenes, played by actors, in which love for chay sometimes looks like a practiced, dreary assembly line exercise, sometimes almost like a comedy. International Competition Short Film as of But can the relationship last?

International Competition as of The young art investor is ecstatic girl chat game the meeting.

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Toufik Abdedaim, Matisse Gonzalez. Diego Pino Anguita. Family Relations Nasser Zamiri All the members of the large Iranian family are against the father and the director tries to stay on top of the jungle of different statements. Human, complex, eye-opening. It is only in that Walter contacts his family in Germany again — from Venezuela, where he has applied for asylum. Thomas Hoehl.

Gad Film. But Amulpriya wants to get an education and is supported by Sunitha, the manager of the shelter.

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Haupt Festival Come Visit. Andreas Zitzmann. Diego Aguilar. Together they tramp through the world, brimming with happiness. Ema Konstantinova, Armas Rudaitis.

Is there actually anything like atonement for an irreparable crime like murder? Nasser Zamiri. The normal small one and the elsewhere perhaps equally normal big one are inseparable.

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How do murderers atone for their acts? The other is extremely big in comparison.

Here, wants to give everything bar stay connected to her mother in love. The Pope is probably lost to capitalism, but is this true of faith in general?

Despite international protests, they were convicted of plotting terrorist acts and sent to Russian prisons. Leon Rizmaul.

Film Archive. We see a long shot, almost like on a surveillance monitor, of men in a stark corridor scurrying from woman to woman.

Sobo Swobodnik. Anna Tsyhyma.

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German Competition Short Film Nadja Rademacher. A collage emerges that is also the picture of a conflict. Please note that the visual material is published exclusively for the purposes of promoting specific films or festival programmes. Manuel Stettner.

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But the euphoric trip to the cosmos and the deepest depths brings about a change of perspective. Their own physicality and a multi-perspective view of femininity play the main roles. The drastic fall of the Rial exchange rate, triggered by the US sanctions against Iran, has made living in exile uneconomic for the more than three million Afghan refugees.

Thomas Walter is also a relative of the Berlin filmmaker Sobo Swobodnik, who travels with a camera to the Andes in to meet the former autonomist in his home surrounded by vegetable gardens. Special Screening Wolfgang Hohensee.

In a way that is now unusually affectionate for the Post-Yugoslav region. Register. Ib Pivetta, Clemens Wenger. Now he hangs opposite a paralysed suit rendered ecstatic by his presence. Camila Kater, Ana Julia Carvalheiro.