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Nsa race don t matter but i Hollywood

Its action only seems anticlimactic. Much of this extraordinary, high-stakes film is an on-the-spot rendering of Snowden. There were contradictory characterizations of Snowden by the pundits, the president, the public: hero, traitor, hacker, chat mates.

Nsa Race Don T Matter But I Hollywood

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Both proved that the debate over whether Edward Snowden is a traitor or a patriot is in no danger of running out of steam.

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My former colleague Marc Ambinder is an honest, well-sourced reporter who has done his utmost to understand NSA surveillance and the controversy that surrounds it. His explanatory journalism is always xxx chat rooms serra, and it's useful to watch him thinking through the implications of his reporting, even though -- or perhaps especially because -- he and I have such different attitudes toward government.

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His latest is an intriguing devil's advocate exercise: one post makes the case that " the NSA scandal ain't all that ," while another ipad chat rooms out "4 reasons why the NSA scandal is troubling.

I'd like to persuade him that the case for the NSA scandal being overblown isn't at all compelling.

And I hope he'll push back by telling 100 free chat line numbers where he thinks my counterarguments go wrong. Hopefully we'll all learn something. This ps that we know everything that the NSA does with the metadata it collects on Americans. Perhaps it does things far more intrusive than we realize.

That has turned out to be true over and over again in recent years. One cause for concern is that the NSA doesn't believe Americans have any right to know what it is doing, regardless of how intrusive it is. So long as that's true we can never yiff chat how intrusive NSA activities are, or will be a year out.

It may be that Americans are appropriately worried about the NSA and insufficiently worried about the information other people collect -- the fact that there are threats to privacy we ought to worry about more in no way demonstrates that we ought to worry about NSA free chat line indianapolis less. While other entities collect lots of sensitive data, the NSA is hoovering up data from everywhere, gathering it all together inside one institution, and marshaling software that permits it to be searched and analyzed with unprecedented sophistication, or stored indefinitely.

Abuses by other entities can be challenged in court. The NSA invokes standing and the state secrets privilege to shield itself from lawsuits. Intrusiveness isn't the only relevant metric to consider here dirty chat lines degree of violation is important too.

I permit my doctor to touch me in maximally intrusive ways without feeling violated, because it is voluntary. If a priest tried to touch the same parts of me, but less intrusively, I would feel much more violated, largely because I wouldn't have consented to the act. Wisely or stupidly, Americans give their private information to Google voluntarily, and for that reason, they don't orlando kentucky chat orlando kentucky violated when Google scans it to sell themor whatever. The NSA takes their data without their consent, and if they had any choice in the matter, they wouldn't consent.

The NSA itself, and surveillance agencies all over the world, have long and well-documented chat chatroulette of chard teen chat abuses.

It may still be unlikely that the NSA's use of private data will ever affect, say, a Heathcliff Huxtable and his family, or the folks that gather at Cheers, or most Americans. But it is reasonable to suspect that journalists, or political dissidents, or ethnic minorities might find their speech chilled or their rights abused. To point out that the average person realistically has nothing to fear misunderstands that, while some abusive surveillance states, like the one run by the Stasi, affect almost everyone, others, including a bygone surveillance apparatus in the United Statesdoes great harm by abusing a very small of people.

Since it is hard to know in advance who the unlucky ones will be, it isn't irrational for many people to feel the chilling effect who won't ever themselves be subject to abuse. Who knows what group will be suspect after the next terrorist attack? America's Chechen community only recently found how quickly a group can find itself unexpectedly targeted by the national-security state.

Stop and frisk is itself a serious abuse of civil liberties, and I don't think its victims have suffered abuses less serious than NSA abuses. At the same time, it conceivable that a military man would feel less violated being stopped and frisked because of his race than he would upon discovering that an NSA employee had been listening in when he was talking dirty to his wife, and sharing sex chat near bluffton texas time-stamped recording of the call so that other NSA employees could get in on the fun.

It's easy to imagine a Muslim American who'd prefer being stopped and frisked to knowing that, somewhere on an NSA server, there is a permanently stored that he sent to his family in Yemen in the hours after the Boston bombing that says, "I can't condone what those boys did, but I understand their rage at drone strikes that kill Muslim children, and I confess I share that rage.

Leaked nsa doc says it can collect and keep your encrypted data as long as it takes to crack it

And if you were Senator Ron Wyden or his wifewouldn't cafe mom chatroom small part of you think back on everything you've ever sent byand assess how damaging or embarrassing it could be if it came out? I can succinctly describe the privacy rights being violated.

The Fourth Amendment is supposed to guarantee that "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause.

Admittedly, the NSA isn't the only problem here. It is perpetrating the abuses, but it's been enabled by out-of-date Supreme Court jurisprudence and a flawed "reasonable expectation" test. Critics of the NSA are not, in fact, assuming the worst international free chat rooms motivations.

Waze chat Greenwald, perhaps its most staunch critic, is not alleging that the Obama Administration is attempting to seize permanent power in a coup, or to blackmail its political opponents into leaving Obamacare alone. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has not asserted that the worst case scenario for abusing NSA data is already being realized.

And in my own work, I've made it clear -- as have many others -- that serious abuses need not spring from malign motives. Critics are worried because even a well-intentioned surveillance state can abuse the rights of Americans -- and because the people running things now won't be in charge forever, so even certain evidence of good motivations wouldn't tell us much about the long-term wisdom of the program.

I'd like to hear more about the "facts not in evidence" that he's observed NSA critics assuming. He may be right, and everyone ought to do their best to get the facts right. But it seems to me that the NSA itself, and the repeated lies and misleading statements it has put out, along with the fact that too much information free virginia beach chat room no registration classified, are the factors overwhelmingly responsible for lack of factual clarity. I'm at a loss for the factual basis of this claim.

The NSA undeniably has the ability to listen to my phone calls and to read my .

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There are rules against their doing so. Then again, NSA rules are often interpreted in dubious ways that I find live sex chat in augusta, and even when they're not twisted beyond reason, they are regularly broken. When they are broken no one seems to be disciplined.

In fact, there is precedent for granting retroactive immunity when the rules are broken. No comprehensive audit of NSA violations has been made public, and no independent audit has ever been conducted. It isn't even clear that the NSA would have the capability to definitively determine whether the content of my had ever been read.

It seems to me that at best, this assertion relies on trusting that the NSA is telling us the truth. But they've lied to us repeatedly. There is also the free live chat numbers that the NSA has not yet read mybut will read my in the future.

Finally, I wonder what Ambinder makes of Ladar Levison's statement about how he's getting offand how lots of people would do the same if we knew what he did.

Q: how does one go about becoming general counsel of the nsa?

I don't know what to make of it myself. Terms that had meaning, like "dragnet surveillance," are deliberately made elastic to make Americans think that there is a good chance that some analyst somewhere is going to steal the script they've just submitted to an agent. The documents released by Snowden! I'm sure anonymous chat app are examples of NSA critics using elastic language to make aspects of what we can prove seem worse than it is.

I don't know if "dragnet surveillance" is a good example Nsa not, so I'll defer. But it seems to me that the NSA itself is far more guilty of stretching words far beyond their Hollywood see the EFF for sex chat des moines. And even though I don't think the NSA is stealing any Hollywood scripts, I don't see how the Snowden documents are ample evidence that doing so would be impossible. Can Ambinder say with confidence that Snowden himself couldn't have left the NSA with a screenwriter's script in his matter Reports that the NSA intends to proctor montana sex chat 90 don of its systems administrators suggest that they're a weak link nudist chat caddo valley the agency's security, and while I don't know exactly how, neither does any other outsider.

And my understanding is that if a screenwriter encrypted the with his script before sending it to himself, then the NSA is permitted to but it and break the code if argyle free chat able. Is that in fact the case?

Many other government agencies do much more to actively degrade American liberty, and they do so without nearly the degree of oversight that NSA subjects itself to internally and externally. There is no comparison: Getting detained at the border for being a hacker is more viscerally disturbing, and much more traumatic, than knowing that your phone records sit in a database somewhere or another database, because they already sit in your phone company's database.

Conflating the two makes the actual harm seem less harmful. So it seems strange to race as if it is subject to much more oversight than other agencies. The ability to classify almost everything about your agency reduces oversight. Working in a subject area lay members of Congress do not understand reduces oversight, especially when most of those members don't even have staff with the credentials to help. There is a compelling case to be made that much of the oversight, though not all, is oversight theater.

There are lots of threats to American liberty, as most prominent critics of the NSA will tell you. I think Americans ought to be more alarmed about a lot of federal agencies.

Q: thank you for your time. so, let’s begin with the obvious: what prompted you to leave beautiful southern california for a lifetime in the district of columbia?

But that doesn't mean they ought to be any less concerned about the NSA. The stopped-at-the-border comparison Ambinder wants new selinsgrove phone sex chat make elides a couple of things. One is the scale of NSA intrusions. Hundreds of millions are affected. For now, it is perhaps spread relatively evenly, but there is the downside risk of individuals suffering a lot. Why is the downside risk of NSA abuses so big? As one of my readers noted, "because other government agencies are 'actively degrading American liberty,' the danger of NSA information being shared with and used by those agencies to degrade liberty further is much more severe than if the NSA were the most liberty-degrading agency If NSA information were to be shared with those free phone chat line numbers in plantation -- and we have no evidence that it is not, or will never be -- the consequences would be severe.

The context of the NSA scandal makes the scandal worse. That context is: targeted killing of Americans overseas at the president's discretion; indefinite detention so long as the president claims you're a terrorist, torture of prisoners without ability, etc. Into this environment of unable power steps the NSA -- the effects are cumulative.

A corollary: The type of information collected by NSA is far less personal than the detailed financial ing we must provide to the IRS, the medical histories that dozens of Medicare employees see, or even the toll records we provide to state governments when we go over a bridge. I am not at all comfortable with the amount of financial and medical information Americans are required to disclose to the state.

That said, I'd much rather make public my tax returns -- most people reading this article could pretty easily guess my approximate income -- or even my boring medical history, than a comprehensive list of everyone I called, texted, and ed, depression chat room online free I'm sure millions of Americans feel the same way, even as millions of others would make a different choice.

To object that metadata analysis could reveal a person's movements and associates in a way that if they knew they were being girls petrozavodsk phone chat, they would be less likely to freely associate, one should ground that fear in the reality of a policy or an institutional inclination or a financial incentive.

This is written as if the NSA as an institution never engaged in widespread targeting of political dissidents and civil-rights belize chat rooms looking for sex. Come on. Of course the nation's surveillance agency has an "institutional inclination" toward abuse. That's why abuses keep recurring in different eras, with different humans in charge.

Every clandestine agency on earth is institutionally inclined to abuse. That's just empirically true. And NSA contractors have a financial incentive to support the collection of ever more data. The NSA has institutional and political incentives to coverup abuse. Every president has an incentive to target his political enemies. Richard Nixon gave in to it.