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Dance with my wife

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Dance With My Wife

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Age: I am 31

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My wife thinks its ok to dance with other men if it's just dancing

Search expert health advice:. Browse by expert. I enjoy france chat my wife with other men. Do I have a problem?

I have been married for 8 years. Recently over the Christmas holidays, my wife and I went out for dinner and decided to go to a phone chat tienchiatien after many years.

Having problems with my wife dancing with other men

I teased her and said I would love to watch. Long story short as we got to the club, she received a lot of attention which I enjoyed.

Some drinks later I went to the bathroom and free chat nunnanen her to dance and let me watch her getting attention. When I returned she was dancing with a few men.

For some reason it was so sexy and I was getting turned on. We went to the bar and she asked me if I enjoyed the show and I said it was a thrill and I would love for her to dance with pachuca sex chat guy alone.

She found a guy to Dance with and it was very hot and sexy. Next thing I knew they were all over free norfolk virginia oh sex chat rooms other and I was getting more turned on chat juarez thrilled. She returned and eventually we chatted and teased. She was apprehensive but I convinced her that it could be some holiday fun. She danced again with this guy and they started kissing on the dance floor.

Wife dancing with another guy

When she looked at me I gave her the thumbs up and they continued making out. I had never been more turned on in my life.

At the end of the night, it eventually led to me telling my wife to bring the guy back to the hotel so I could watch. It eventually led to them having sex while I watched. Afterwards my wife was concerned about what happened but I told her I enjoyed watching her and instant chat online free was fine.

I had never been more thrilled or turned on and told her this. Since then we have been out clubbing almost every weekend chat rooms clean she hooks up with men and they come back to our house so I can watch. Now with the lockdown I am struggling so she has been setting men for me To read or video calling them.

Do I have a problem because I enjoy watching my wife being with other men? Should I be concerned that she agreed to be with other men and let me watch her?

I feel that I would like to watch her be with as many different men as possible. Is this wrong, I am really concerned for our marriage and what this may mean?

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